Name: Composite Building for Education Department

Client: Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

Location: Bhopal, M.P

Status: Proposed

Site Area: 3.63 Acres

The project is a composite building for various verticals of Department of Education, Government of Madhya Pradesh. These somewhat independent offices share common facilities and are grouped as per the functional requirements. 

The site is located in prime residential area of Arera Colony, Bhopal surrounded by houses on three sides and a large sports ground on north. The context demanded a design that does not overpower the surrounding structures.  

The Project visualized is a green building that is broken down into smaller individual blocks bound together in a soothing, earthy yet modern palette using traditional elements of Jalis and Courtyards. This proposed 1, 20,000 sq.mts campus will house central headquarters of education department of Madhya Pradesh. The campus is a green building with courtyards, self-shading forms with natural light illuminating most of the office areas. Large spans allow for the flexibility and adaptability for future renovations. The buildings will have a contemporary facade with traditional jaalis, natural sand stone and pastel coloured textured walls for a distinct impression. 

The central courtyard, semi shaded by PV Panels provides the space grandeur feel to it, while also creating a micro climate in the complex. The building has been divided into four functions.