Name: IES Global School

Client: B.S.Yadav

Location: Sehore, M.P

Status: Ongoing

Site Area: 9.15 Acres

Since the conception of design, the school was visualized as the combination of spaces linked through a free-flowing movement path avoiding any niches and negative spaces that might cause adverse effects. The arrangement of classrooms, open spaces and play areas will motivate the students to play and learn along the way. Also, the open, fluid and flexible design of the school intends to not suppress the children with the burden of the education system but help them flourish the natural way.

The landscape around the building merges effectively with the built form and allows the kids to run and play freely. The choice of foliage respects the climatology of the site. In terms of safety and security, there have been a lot of measures taken to filter the access of outsiders into the school premises- separate entrance dedicated to students. The design is well integrated with way finding and navigation strategies.

The use of vertical fins, colored wall panels and the sensible use of glass facades make the building contemporary and playful. The play of light and shadow due to the vertical members of the fa�ade renders the building dynamic in nature. The inner courtyards act as light wells and flush the corridors with ample natural light maximizing the sight lines.

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