Located in the district of Chhindwara, the Museum of tribal Freedom Fighters is proposed as the extension of the existing structure. The intent of the brief was to pay tribute to those who fought in the Tribal revolts in Madhya Pradesh happened during the freedom struggle while promoting tourism in the institutional sector. The design follows a simple and clear manifestation of the brief into organic, earthy and responsive structures, complementing the site and surrounding.

The design is governed by a series of open and closed spaces, creating a memorable experience for the visitors. The project is a composition of functional and inter-connected spaces, Outdoor cafe, pavilions, open-air theatre etc. The vernacular architecture of the museum, coupled with the traditional building materials and techniques, utilizing local skills, promotes the idea of the sustainable method of building.

The tribal way of leading life, which is simple and down to earth- was the central inspiration for the design. With its human scale and organic nature, the building tends to merge in its context creating a harmonic built environment; which is not separated or dominant from nature but a unified whole. The use of subtle construction materials underlines the primary theme- the imperative relationship of man with nature, further emphasized by traditional Gond paintings on the walls of the museum.